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Being responsible for a city’s revenue takes a lot of time, patience and
talent. Hundreds of city officials around the country put in long hours day in
and day out to ensure their city’s revenue is being handled properly. And as
one of those city officials, I know just how much time and energy goes into
managing the revenue of a municipality efficiently. As City Treasurer for
Carson California, I know the ins and outs of local government. All
governments, from local to state to federal, have hundreds of personnel
working on different tasks, and this can be confusing to the average citizen.
And as someone who believes that governments should work for the
people, I believe that everyone has a right to know what their elected
officials do.
First, not all city treasurer have the same responsibilities and vary by
municipality. However, the general responsibility is to serve as the city’s
guardian and manager over revenue. This can take many different shapes,
but most commonly a city treasurer's work includes working with city
management and the finance department to devise budgets and oversee
the city’s investments. The treasurer can also issue the city’s payroll and
collects fees for the city.
Depending on the size of the city, a city treasurer may have a select group
of employees that assist in several aspects of the job including; banking
and accounting. The treasurer also has a public responsibility to inform his
or her citizens of the city’s finances, including its current fund balances and
investments and its ability to pay its expenses each month.
I pride myself on transparency and keeping the people informed, which is
also why I not only provide Carson’s citizens with up-to- date information on
revenue and investments in the form of easy-to- read newsletters, I also
provide the governing body with a monthly report on the status of all the
city’s revenue.

The role of a city treasurer is varied and fluid. No day is the same and there
is a great deal of financial transactions, investments and administrative
responsibilities to monitor. Although I’ve served as Carson’s City Treasurer
for three years, I have accomplished much and will continue to work to
ensure Carson’s revenue is managed with the utmost care and efficiency.