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Behind every functioning city stands a group of city officials. This group of individuals work day and night utilizing their collective knowledge, experience and leadership abilities to ensure the successful operation of a city. These positions can take on many shapes, sizes and responsibilities, ranging from city manager to city attorney. One of the most important city official positions is that of the city treasurer. As the city treasurer of Carson, California, I wanted to talk a bit about the role, and, more specifically, some of my experience and information that citizens of Carson should know.

My Experience

As I’d mentioned in last month’s blog, a city treasurer works with a city’s finances, and in order to be a successful treasurer, you must be knowledgeable with money. After studying accounting and auditing at St. Leo University FL and Phoenix University, I’ve gained the insight necessary to perform the financial responsibilities of a city treasurer.

Outside of the monetary aspect of the city treasurer position, in order to properly perform the duties required of a city treasurer (or any city official), you must have a great deal of experience in administration. I’ve gained that experience, and then some, not only by earning both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in public administration from California State University Dominguez Hills, but also over the course of 19 years working in various different positions for the state of California. During that time, I’d served as a state agency project manager, administrator and an illegal activities coordinator; each and every single one of these positions prepared me for the role of city treasurer by making me familiar with managing revenue and  local government policies and operations.

In addition to my professional experience, I’ve also earned several other certifications that allow me to excel in my current position. Throughout the course of my career, I’ve earned an Investments Foundation Certification, as well as a California Treasury Certification, and am a Certified Public Funds Investment Manager, Fixed Income Practitioner and California Municipal Treasurer. And that only scratches the surface of my decades-long career.

I take my position as Carson City Treasurer very seriously. It is my duty to make the best possible financial decisions for the city and its residents. I must also inform them of the city’s current financial state, which I feel is important to create a sense of trust between the city and its people.

As Carson’s Treasurer, I can share that we’ve already seen the city’s investments increase a whopping 105% from 2015 to 2017, and we can expect it to increase another 30% in the next 6 months or so. I also find it important to keep the citizens of Carson educated on finance, and therefore I will be sponsoring several future financial literacy seminars which can educate participants on tax-free lifelong income, real estate investing and revocable and non-revocable trusts.

I am eager to continue the success that we’ve already seen in Carson. I believe that the city has a bright future, with great opportunity on the horizon, and I intend to be a guiding force in that successful climb.